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The free weight area is supplied with over 10,000 pounds of weights. That’s more than five tons! In addition to a vast assortment of dumbbells and barbells, you will find the following selection of equipment available for use:


Multi-Purpose Equipment

  • Life Fitness Smith Rack
  • In Shape Smith Rack
  • Maxicam Cables (2)
  • Life Fitness Dual Cables (2)
  • In Shape Cable Crossovers (2)


  • Hammer Strength Leg Press
  • Hammer Strength V Squat
  • In Shape Leg Press
  • In Shape Hack Squat
  • In Shape Squat Racks (2)


  • Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Bench Press
  • Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Incline Press
  • Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Decline Press
  • In Shape Flat Benches
  • In Shape Incline Benches
  • In Shape Decline Benches




  • Hammer Strength Isolateral Pulldown
  • In Shape Lat Pulls (3)
  • In Shape Low Row


  • In Shape Overhead Press
  • In Shape Shoulder Shrug

Biceps & Triceps

  • Hammer Strength Bicurl
  • Hammer Strength Tricep Extension