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Fitness Consists of Four Elements

Cardio Training

Create a leaner, stronger body with a variety of classes!

Strength Training

Define & tone muscle using equipment & your own body weight for resistance.


Focus will be on building endurance, strength and flexibility.


Our comfortable smoothie and espresso bar offers smoothies with supplements!

Our group fitness department offers a wide variety of classes to further your fitness goals, many classes overlapping the fitness categories. We invite you to join in and enjoy our many daily classes. We welcome all members and encourage you to participate in the fun and fitness results gained through the motivation of group fitness classes.


CARDIO STEP & SCULPT – Traditional step aerobics, with 32 count. This class focuses on the mind and body connection, by making you think while you exercise. A great way to make your muscles respond quickly to what you want. 35 minutes of cardio step, 20 minutes of strength & core work, and a 5 minute stretch finish -completing this class.
STEP INTERVALS -An interval step class working on a mega amount of calories burned. Studies show that intervals are very effective in burning fat. This class is no exception. Multiple levels shown for an effective workout at any level.  A combination of step aerobics, anaerobic drills, endurance training, and strength training.  Core work, and stretch complete this workout.

TOTAL STEP – This class has 40-45 minutes of non-stop step aerobics, with 32 count. Work along with the instructor in a high energy, -motivational class to increase cardio endurance.  Core, and stretch are included at the end of class. A great way to finish your week.

CARDIO PUMP IT UP – This is a great class, offering upbeat cardio combinations for 30 minutes.  This class is combined with floor work at the end, using a mat.  Work with a variety of equipment to get your total body workout. A perfect, complete workout.

FIT & FLEXIBLE –  Enjoy a great cardio floor workout, utilizing less equipment for maximum cardio fun. This is mixed with a fusion stretch at the end, which is a combination of techniques of stretching. Use this to elongate muscles, and take the stress off the joints. This will also help to increase flexibility.

SYNRGY 360 – Designed to deliver high intensity cardio, challenging strength segments and a killer core workout, Synrgy 360 integrates a serious calorie burning workout that is stimulating and promotes improved fitness level! Go hardcore in this total body workout!


PILATES MAT – Pilates Mat is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up. Pilates takes a balanced approach so that no muscle group is overworked and the body moves as an efficient, holistic system in sport and daily activity.


MOVE TO THE BEAT – The next big dance craze that is sweeping the nation. I Hip Hop is a new dance fitness format where you not only get a great workout that is fun, you get to escape.

ZUMBA – This is a cardio class based on international rhythms, including Latin, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Cha Cha, Reggeaton, and more! Fun and effective, this class will reshape your entire body. No dance experience necessary. Let the music move you!


KUNDALINI YOGA – Kundalini Yoga focuses on awakening the living energy that rests dormant in the base of the spine through specific breathing, movements, stretching, meditation and chanting; all in precise sequence. The ancient and sacred practice was kept secret by advanced yogis until recently because of its power to wake the Kundalini and allow for enlightenment in this lifetime. It must be practiced with care and intent. This ninety minute session focuses on psycho-spiritual growth, giving special consideration to the role of the spine and the endocrine system. **Cost is $6 per session for members or $12 for non-members.

WELLBEATS VIRTUAL YOGA –  Deliberate mindful movement designed to increase core strength, flexibility and balance. Choose from a variety of over 15 different video streamed classes.

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8:15 am Cardio Body Sculpture9:30 am Cardio Pump It Up10:30am Move to the Beat
5:30 am Synrgy 3608:30 am Synrgy 3609:00am Zumba10:30am Pilates Mat5:30pm Synrgy 360
8:15am Step Intervals9:30 am Cardio Pump It Up10:30am Move to the Beat
5:30 am Synrgy 3608:30 am Synrgy 3609:00am Zumba10:30am Pilates Mat (90 Minutes)5:30pm Synrgy 360
8:15am Total Step9:30am Fit & Flexible
9:00am Zumba
5:30 am Synrgy 360
5:30 am Synrgy 360
8:15 am Cardio Body Sculpture
8:30 am Synrgy 360
8:15am Step Intervals
8:30 am Synrgy 360
8:15am Total Step
9:30 am Cardio Pump It Up
9:00am Zumba
9:30 am Cardio Pump It Up
9:00am Zumba
9:30am Fit & Flexible
9:00am Zumba
10:30am Move to the Beat
10:30am Pilates Mat
10:30am Move to the Beat
10:30am Pilates Mat (90 Minutes)
5:30pm Synrgy 360
5:30pm Synrgy 360

See for yourself why Havasu Fitness is Lake Havasu’s favorite fitness center. Our facility can accommodate everyone, from novice to professional athlete!